Jessica Vohs

"I believe art reaches out to the people in the deepest most sincere way. I physically cannot speak and my art and poetry have been my voice."

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Who is Jessica Vohs? 

Jessica Vohs is a visual artist who lives and creates art in Brookline, MA. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and uses communication devices and some signs to communicate. 

Her passion and interest in the arts was supported by her mother Janet Vohs, who ensured that Jessica received education and instruction in the arts by various teachers throughout the years.

In the past, Jessica has written poetry, used watercolors on paper, and painted silk scarves.  As symptoms related to CP have progressed, Jessica’s range of motion has changed. She is now experimenting with new fiber art techniques such as tie-dye, shibori, and eco prints.


"The biggest influences in my life have been my experiences as a person with disabilities unable to speak, my mother's belief in me, my teachers, and other artists and musicians. Because I'm unable to speak I am perceived as not having anything to say. My art changes that perception."


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Jessica continues to sell and show her work today. She contributes her scarves and shirts to disability advocacy organizations for fundraising, and has been honored to have several advocacy organizations use her designs and paintings to promote her work, as well as commission new works from her.